​​​​​​​John K Henderson

For me it all began some 50 years ago when I purchased my first 35mm film SLR camera a Canon FDb. Eventually I built my own darkroom and began processing black & white photos occasionally dabbling in color slides. For the next 15 years I tried to perfect my craft through taking and analyzing photos, increasing my knowledge from books and photography classes. Since raising a family and trying to make a living was paramount, photography took a back seat over the next 25 years. After I retired, I returned to fully focusing on photography and embraced the digital technology that has transformed the landscape oh photography. I began digitizing my archive of analog photographs, which provided a creative jolt that inspired me to renew my life as a photographer. Presently, the camera is my constant companion so I never to miss an opportunity to capture a slice of time, a place or the richness of life. It’s such a part of me, friends and family no longer ask “why did you bring that camera?” Now that I’ve returned to photography, my love for it has become renewed. Group Exhibitions 2020 - Narritives Exhibition Praxis Gallery Minneapolis MN 2021 - Members Exhibit Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (Now TILT Institute) 2022 - Winter 2022 Show The Curated Fridge www.thecuratedfridge.com Publications 2021 - 256 Photo Magazine August Issue 256 Photo Magazine November Issue Juried Exhibits 2023 - Long Island Photo Gallery "Void Of Color" Southampton Cultural Center Southampton NY

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