I use photography as an expression of how I see the world around me. My choices of subjects tend to be intuitive so my photographs are diverse and unique to my beliefs and appreciation of life. 
My photographs are the story of my journey wandering, whether it is biking, hiking, traveling, walking or driving, looking for the unexpected or something that we see every day but in a way that resonates emotionally.  The stream-of-conscious themes of my work are created as I explore and interpret the world around me. My goal is to make photographs that are personally compelling, and which draw viewers in but also allow for their own interpretation based on their emotional and life experiences. 
After working for several decades early in my photographic career using black & white analog film and darkroom techniques, I recently discovered digital photography which opened a whole new and different way of working and seeing. Digital techniques have allowed me to re-visit my archive of analogue work to create new interpretations, and have inspired me to produce new digital images.  
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